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BC Hydro Power Smart: BC Hydro – Consulting Services for Planning, Coordinating and Training Initiatives for Industry Members

Diana is working with Power Smart to assist in implementing four major strategies to ensure that all stakeholders are trained and positioned to contribute to the achievement of the BC provincial energy conservation goals. These strategies are described as follows:

  1. Maintain continuity in training efforts by offering courses that have been supported in the past by Power Smart.
  2. Develop and maintain a comprehensive range of course offerings that can meet Power Smart objectives relative to the technical, business and behavioural training needs (including location, content and delivery method) of all stakeholder groups going forward.
  3. Develop and sustain working relationships with key decision makers in Industry Training Organizations, Professional Associations and educational institutions to promote incorporation of energy efficient knowledge requirements in certification and continuing education for Electricians and professionals such as Engineers and Architects.
  4. Maximize stakeholder participation in training by developing promotional plans tailored to each current and planned course offering (including a mix of tactics such as targeted advertising and incentive rewards).

Diana also has worked with BC Hydro Power Smart conducting educational sessions and workshops with architects, developers and engineering consultants to generate awareness and understanding of the benefits of high performance (HP) buildings, Integrated Design Process and Power Smart. This scope included presenting to B.C. architects, engineers, consultants (design teams), developers and building owners to increase awareness of energy efficiency and BC Hydro programs.


Green Bricks Education Society

Green Bricks Education Society

Students discover the environmental concerns with the overuse of asphalt in a community. Students learned how green roofs could be a better option to asphalt roofs.

Eco-Integration, partnering with Skye Consulting, are co-directors of Green Bricks Education Society, a non-profit/charity organization. Green Bricks Education Society was founded in April 2008, established to involve the youth of British Columbia in sustainable land use and development. The programs offered by Green Bricks Education Society engage students in sustainable building issues affecting their schools and communities and give students the tools to search for practical solutions to these issues. The following programs have been developed and are delivered in BC each year:

  • Green B10cks is a curriculum-connected workshop offered to Science 10/Planning 10 classrooms and engages students to understand the importance and benefits of sustainable building issues in their schools and communities with emphasis on energy, materials, waste and water.
  • Green Bricks H24 is a curriculum-connected workshop that engages students to understand the importance of water in our lives and how we can manage water sustainably into the future.
  • Green Collar Career Conference ‘Futures’ is a day is dedicated to students in grades 10 to 12 to learn about exciting and endless career opportunities in the green economy. The students interact in a round table format with career mentors from various sustainability related careers who have excelled in and are passionate about their green careers.


Sustainable Building Advisor (SBA) Program

Eco-Integration together with Brenda Martens co-facilitate the SBA Program in Vancouver. Whether you are a seasoned green building professional or aiming to get a start in the fast paced sustainability field, this CaGBC's Sustainable Building Advisor (SBA) program will open up new opportunities for you. The four-month certification course does not require existing green building education or experience. It is focused on practical, forward-thinking ways to design, construct and manage buildings that are resource efficient, environmentally responsible, cost effective, and healthy for all occupants. If interested in this program for more information contact SBA CaGBC


Metro Vancouver’s Watershed Education Tours

Eco-Integration is part of Skye Consulting's team, working with Metro Vancouver's Watershed Education Team. These grade 4/5 field trips allow classrooms to discover the treasures of the Seymour and Coquitlam Watersheds. Students learn that these are places where wildlife abounds, trees tower and water moves through natural landscapes to our drinking water supply system.


UNICEF Canada's Global Classroom Resources

Eco-Integration worked as part of Skye Consulting’s team, working with UNICEF Canada's Global Classroom team to create a resource called Climate Change, Children and Youth: Local Connections to Global Issues, to support secondary school educators to work with youth to take action on climate change. Through thought-provoking activities, students have the opportunity to nurture their compassion and discover how climate change is affecting children around the world.

Sample presentations / workshops developed and delivered:

  • Armtec Presentation: Sustainability: Materials and Energy
  • LEED® for Structural Engineers: Course developed for the CaGBC
  • Douglas College Engineering Students: Foundation for Sustainable Design
  • Chartered Engineers of Vancouver: Building Blocks of Learning for Future Generations
  • BC Hydro Power Smart: Development and delivery of “Smart Lite 2 Benefits and Legislation of Energy Efficient Lighting”
  • APEGBC AGM: “Design and Planning of the Olympic Athletes Village – a new paradigm in public/private partnerships in Green Building”
  • Public Works Canada: “Waste Management Practices in Construction and Renovation”
  • Sustainable Building Advisors SBA Course: Development and delivery of workshop on “Water and our Built Environment”
  • Association of Professional Engineers of BC (APEGBC): Development and delivery of workshop on “The Integration of Mechanical, Structural and Building Envelope towards Net Zero Buildings”
  • Lighthouse Sustainable Building Centre: Development and delivery of Sustainable Construction Workshop
  • Lighthouse Sustainable Building Centre: Workshop for Green Building Documenters “Materials and Resources”
  • Living Future Conference, Vancouver: “Designing for adaptability and de-construction”
  • Structures Congress, Long Beach LA: “Green building, LEED, and beyond–How will we build when the oil ain't cheap?” Presented with Bruce King, P.E.,James B. DeStefano, P.E., AIA and Mark D. Webster, PE ,LEED AP
  • VSEG (Vancouver Structural Engineers Group): Sustainable Design Issues in Engineering
  • AIBC/RAIC Festival + conference: “Bruntland 20 years On– the Second Generation of Sustainable Building” Presented with Dr. Jacqueline Glass, Loughborough University, UK
  • Read Jones Christoffersen Seminar: “Building Envelope Engineers, Sustainability and their role in the Integrated Design Process (IDP)”
  • Globe Delegate Presentation on the “Use of Sustainable Materials”
  • Circa Presentation on the “Use of Supplementary Cementing Materials in Concrete (SCMs)”



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