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Green Building Services

Kane Consulting

Project Manager at Kane Consulting

Eco-Integration working as Project Manager with Kane Consulting offers consulting for design teams, owners, and developers who want to build or renovate green: energy, water & resource efficient, and healthy. We will work with your team to integrate sustainability as part of the design process. Strategies will be used such as passive design to increase occupant comfort and decrease energy demand on the building. This results in increased productivity/happier work force/better quality living, and reduced building operating costs.

We can help you choose non-toxic, low maintenance materials that will create a healthy indoor environment for occupants and reduce maintenance costs. We can work on sustainability strategies with you, when renovating your existing building that align your values with the way your business operates whilst lowering operating costs and increasing productivity to offset your renovation costs. Summarizing we will work with you to experience economic, socially and environmentally responsible benefits in your building developments.

We offer the following services:

Sustainable design consulting on building design projects. Facilitation of the sustainable design process, to identify sustainable goals and visions. Ongoing sustainable consulting throughout the design process to track and document sustainable successes. Documentation for application of green building rating systems if pursued e.g. LEED® certification, BuiltGreen.

Guidelines, reports on sustainable best practices, for now and future. Incorporation of sustainable strategies into maintenance plans.

Research for sustainable systems and products to integrate into building project design

Coaching and training on sustainable building design

Strategy development for companies to meet government regulations for sustainability


Sustainability Education

Eco-Integration’s services include development and delivery of sustainability education to adults and youth. We believe that education is key to a sustainable future and that sharing of knowledge and experience will lead to effective change. We also believe that for education to be successful it needs to be fun, interactive and hands on whether you are 10 or 40.

We offer the following sustainable education services:

Industry workshops on green building topics such as: water, materials, waste, site issues, construction management, energy, and indoor air quality

Industry workshops on integration of disciplines: architecture, structural, mechanical, electrical for sustainable solutions

Youth workshops and resources; curriculum linked and interactive




Eco-Integration: Sustainable Design Consulting
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