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Building Projects: Medical Sciences Bldg.

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U.Vic. Medical Sciences Bldg., Victoria, BC

4-storey laboratory and research facility designed with a strong focus on sustainability. The project team worked together to optimize systems and materials creating this world class teaching facility. The building was designed to have flexibility for future changes. This involved designing for changes in use and layout for the building. Structural systems were designed to integrate easily with mechanical services now and for the future. The building structure; walls, foundations, columns, and floors is concrete. Cement, which is about 11% of the components of concrete, has a high environmental impact. Fly ash, a waste material was used for this project to reduce the cement content of the concrete hence reducing the eco-footprint of the building. The project is LEED® gold certified.

Area: 45,000 ft²
Architect: Chernoff Thompson Architects
Owner: University of Victoria
Structural Engineer: Read Jones Christoffersen



Building Projects  |  Education  |  Research



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