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Building Projects: Health Centre

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Children's & Women's Mental Health Building of BC, Vancouver

This, 4-storey existing concrete building is being preserved and seismically upgraded. A number of studies were undertaken at the outset of the project to establish whether the building could be successfully renovated to become the new mental health building for C&W Health Centre of BC. The final decision to renovate and upgrade the existing building had significant impact on the environment. The existing building was diverted from landfill and new resources were not required to construct the structure for a new building. An innovative slab system, BubbleDeck is being used for the new additions on the project. This floor system reduces the weight of the slab by 40% resulting in less material use, and reduced gravity and seismic loads. The project is LEED Gold Certified.

Area: 5000 m2
Architect: IBI Group/ Henriquez Partners Architects
Owner: Provincial Health Services Authority
Structural Engineer: Read Jones Christoffersen



Building Projects  |  Education  |  Research



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