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Greenroof & Solar PanelMillennium Water and Olympic Athletes Village

The City of Vancouver selected Millennium Properties Ltd. to design and construct the first phase of the Southeast False Creek (SEFC) lands known as the Central Shipyard Neighbourhood: area 2A. This development is a model sustainable community for Vancouver and housed the Olympic athletes for the 2010 Olympic winter games. Greenroof & Roof GardenThe project is 1.5 million sqft of construction, with 20 buildings and is one of the largest development projects to be LEEDŽ certified in Canada (LEED Platinum on the community centre and LEED Gold on all the remainder of the development). This first phase of the SEFC development consists of residential development including modest market and affordable housing, retail, live/work studios, office, restaurants, parks and a community centre.

Working on the Millennium development team, Eco-Integration provided sustainability consulting for the project together with Recollective, Resource Rethinking Building Inc. and Merrick Architecture. Eco-Integration was involved in the integrated design process from the outset of sustainable concepts for the project through to implementation and construction. Some strategies included:

  • Storage of stormwater to use for toilet flushing and irrigating during drought summers
  • Green roofs on 50% of the buildings reducing heat island effect and stormwater runoff
  • Use of passive design features to reduce energy demand on the buildings such as: solar shading and blinds, ventilation chimneys, and high performing windows and walls

The City of Vancouver developed a Neighbourhood Energy Utility (NEU) which supplies heating to the whole SEFC area including the Millennium Water Development. The NEU utilizes sewer heat recovery to reduce use of fossil fuels and optimize energy efficiency.

Owner: Millennium Southeast False Creek Properties Ltd.
Architects: Merrick Architecture



Building Projects  |  Education  |  Research



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